P a i n 
t i n g s    ~   B e s e e c h i n g   t h e   M o t h e r  ~ 

Eternal  Womb,  Primal Unity "

The profound connectedness of a mother and her babe, carried in the womb, cradled in a symbiotic nurturance, as we are in turn cradled in the ever-present succor of the earth-body. A two-way stream eternally offering us nourishment and simultaneously enfolding that which no longer serves us back into her ever-giving body, such rich nurturance of the soul. It is my deepest prayer that we as a people may come to honor the reciprocity of this gifting of life.

 All of life has its time in the deep primordial dark of the womb of woman. Deep at the heart of Creation is the feminine receptive impulse to take into oneself and transform, to flow with the river of that which lies within. It is from the womb of woman that life is born, the great mystery of being. I long to be wholly present for this birthing at every moment, so that what moves from me is of grace born, and to the earth bonded, embedded in the heart and to love ever returning.